People are Paying Stupid Amounts for Adele Concert Tickets

How much is it worth to cry?

How badly do you want to be emotionally or financially devastated? If you were among fans trying to buy tickets for Adele’s record-breaking 25 tour, odds are you’re going to be one or the other.

Tickets for the British singer’s world tour went on sale Thursday morning via Songkick / Ticketmaster causing a whole lot of grief for some people. Many hopeful ticket buyers were placed in queues for upwards of 45 minutes only to find out tickets sold out within the half hour.

While Ticketmaster and Songkick made an effort to block ticket scalpers, sites like StubHub were still able to nab hundreds of tickets to jack up their price. Once the smoke cleared, fans looked to scalpers, and were not happy with the results. Take for example, the price for this ticket for a show in Saint Paul, Minnesota — a cool $9500.


One enterprising individual has even taken it upon himself to price these tickets for $3500 on eBay.


Jacking up prices 300% at a minimum, and range well upwards, the reaction online has been less than pleasant.

Of course there were many success stories of getting tickets, some of which were less than discreet with their smugness.

Did you have a horror show trying to buy Adele tickets? Let us know in the comments.