People Are Eating Thom Yorke’s Face to Celebrate Radiohead’s Album Release

Put your money where your mouth is

Last week, Radiohead shared the first single from A Moon Shaped Pool, “Burn The Witch” shortly after teasing the song on Instagram. Fast forward to Friday morning, Radiohead shared a preview for “Daydreaming” leaving fans to speculate about what Radiohead would be releasing.

Fans over on a dedicated Radiohead subreddit were up in arms between the “Daydreaming” preview and release later that day, many believing that A Moon Shaped Pool‘s release date would be conjointly announced with the new single. Other fans however, were so convinced that the band would not share details on the new record, they vowed to eat a picture of lead singer Thom Yorke’s face if they were wrong.

As it turns out, they were. Take a look at the video proof below: