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Perfume Genius rings in the new year with lengthy remix of Live’s ‘Lightning Crashes’

Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) has kicked off 2022 with a remix of Live’s 1994 track “Lightning Crashes.”

Hadreas takes the iconic Throwing Copper track and stretches it out into a gloomy, seven and a half minute tune. Everything moves along smoothly until “Lightning Crashes” reaches its third line, “The placenta falls to the floor.” Then, Perfume Genius halts the track and keeps it on a loop.

“What if the angel never opened their eyes? What if the confusion never set in? Something to think about as we start this new year,” Hadreas writes of the remix.

Listen to Perfume Genius’ remix of Live’s “Lightning Crashes” below.

Perfume Genius is no stranger to remixes. In fact, he recently shared an unbelievable, industrial remix of Charli XCX’s “Good Ones.”

Mike Hadreas truly adds his own twist to the CRASH lead single. He takes the upbeat, bubbly pop anthem and slows it way down into a dark, grungy single. With an industrial rock beat, the remix has a heavier, doom metal edge to it.

Like on “Lightning Crashes,” Hadreas loves to take a song and give it a darker, melancholic twist.

His remix of the Charli XCX track adds a darker twist to the bubbly lyrics. Throughout the tune, a robotic Charli delivers lines like, “I want the bad ones, ’cause they’re all I know/ I always let the good ones go.”

Revisit Perfume Genius’ remix of “Good Ones” here.
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