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Perfume Genius shares new short film ‘Pygmalion’s Ugly Season’

Mike Hadreas has shared a new short film as Perfume Genius, Pygmalion’s Ugly Season.

Perfume Genius has been readying his new album, Ugly Season, which is out this Friday, June 17th via Matador Records. To coincide with the album’s release, Hadreas teamed up with visual artist Jacolby Satterwhite for a 30 minute film. Satterwhite is known for his immersive video technique, fusing live video with 3-D animation.

Pygmalian’s Ugly Season is a surreal short that features Hadreas and the music from Ugly Season. The record was originally created as an accompaniment to Perfume Genius and choreographer Kate Wallich’s The Sun Still Burns Here. With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, they couldn’t perform The Sun Still Burns Here in the way it was imagined, so Hadreas gave the completed recordings to Satterwhite.

Watch Pygmalion’s Ugly Season below.

“I gave him free reign,” Hadreas explains. “We’re both the same age, I feel very aligned with Jacolby when it comes to taste and certain pop culture obsessions. There is also a spiritual harmony between us in the way we approach work and the similar energetic spaced we want to inhabit, realize and share.”

“Mike and I are both writing scripts,” Satterwhite adds of the Pygmalion’s Ugly Season collab. “My visual narrative serendipitously mirrors the lyrical direction in his music; it’s a rare, like-minded bond. It’s a creation myth. How do you architecturally mold and render an idealized version of utopia? It’s about making something that you desire so byeond your scope that it’s hard to grapple into a concrete form.”

Ugly Season features the previously released “Pop Song.”

Check out the tracklist for Ugly Season below.

Ugly Season Tracklist:

01 – “Just a Room”
02 – “Herem”
03 – “Teeth”
04 – “Pop Song”
05 – “Scherzo”
06 – “Ugly Season”
07 – “Eye in the Wall”
08 – “Photograph”
09 – “Hellbent”
10 – “Cenote”

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