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Indie88 Video Premiere: Pet Sun Get Gloomy in “Free Season”

From the self-proclaimed underworld of Hamilton, gloom-rock purveyors Pet Sun have shared a new music video from their recent self-titled debut LP.

As if you pitch-bent Oasis down an octave, Pet Sun recall the familiar sludgy sounds of garage rock, with the melancholic breath of a shut-in songwriter. Their latest, “Free Season” is no different; a breakup song encompassing heavy reverb and strings, but with a dream-like twist.

“Free Season” is a “nostalgic homage to 90’s acoustic bedroom ballads” says Director Aabid Youssef. “Shot in the band’s hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, the introverted and indoor performance is pushed outside where the televised event and nature interact to create something altogether new and altogether unnerving.”

Youssef revealed in a statement the music video blends two opposing elements together: nature and technology. This juxtaposition is mirrored as it shows singer Stephane Senecal-Tremblay’s intimate, deeply personal song be broadcast on a television outside for all to see.

Pet Sun play the Doors Pub in Hamilton October 29th.

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