Pete Townshend wanted 75-year-old Roger Daltrey to rap on the recently released Who album

Townshend wrote a rap verse for 'All This Music Must Fade'

After releasing the first album by the Who in 13 years, Robert Daltrey has revealed that Pete Townshend wanted him to rap on the new record.

When talking to Billboard, Daltrey revealed that Townshend wrote a rap verse for him to perform on the opening track, “All This Music Must Fade.” “I ain’t going there,” Daltrey says. “I love people that do that. It’s incredibly clever. It’s incredibly technical and they’re brilliant, but if I did it, it would be laughable.”

“I could probably do it, but it would be pastiche,” Daltrey continued. “I had to convince [Townshend] to cut it out; I said, ‘You’re welcome to leave it in if you do the rap.’ Obviously, he didn’t feel comfortable doing it, either.”