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Watch: Family Guy Puts Peter Griffin on The Trump Bus (NSFW)

Any age-old Family Guy fans could tell you that the show has been increasingly relying on crude, violent and offensive punchlines to get laughs over the years. But it seems for the writers of a show built upon shock value, Donald Trump’s infamously leaked tapes from Access Hollywood in 2005 crossed a line that even Peter Griffin wouldn’t dare approach.

Take into consideration all the terrible stuff Griffin has done over the years in Family Guy, like body-shaming his daughter, beating up his dog and driving drunk (among many other things). Even the behaviour of a fictionalized animated character pales in comparison to the real life megalomaniac that is Donald Trump.

Seth MacFarlane posted to Twitter earlier this week an uncensored clip from the show, that puts Peter Griffin on the Trump bus, reacting to Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. I’m not even sure if this qualifies as funny, but it’s definitely fitting for the show’s humour.

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