Phoebe Bridgers launches new label Saddest Factory with Dead Oceans

She's already signed her first act

Phoebe Bridgers has officially launched her own label with Dead Oceans called Saddest Factory.

When Bridgers started getting attention from record labels in her late teens, she “didn’t mesh with anybody,” the Punisher artist explains to Billboard. One label told her to “tweet more seriously,” suggesting she post Elliot Smith lyrics, while another offered her just $10,000 for a 360 deal. “Even 18-year-old me was like, ‘Oh my god, fuck that.'”

When she signed with Dead Oceans, a subsidiary of Secretly Group, for the release of 2017’s Stranger in the Alps, Bridgers felt as though she had found the right label for her. Since then, Bridgers has dreamed of launching her own label to promote her favourite undiscovered artists.

Now, Bridgers has launched her own Dead Oceans imprint, Saddest Factory, which is a play on the word “satisfactory,” which is frequently used in record deals.

Saddest Factory is set to sign acts across genres, based purely on the quality of their songs. “If I like it and I listen to it for pleasure, then other people will like it and listen to it for pleasure,” Bridgers explains. “I don’t think I have any ethos other than, ‘Am I jealous?'”

Bridgers has already signed her first act, which is set to be announced in the coming weeks.
Lead photo courtesy of Davis Bates.