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Phoebe Bridgers responds to defamation lawsuit in court

Phoebe Bridgers has responded to recording studio owner Chris Nelson’s defamation lawsuit in court.

Nelson sued Bridgers for defamation in September. He said that Bridgers used her Instagram Story to direct people to posts from his ex-girlfriend Emily Bannon. Nelson claimed Bridgers “intentionally used her high-profile public platform on Instagram to publish false and defamatory statements regarding [Nelson] in order to destroy his reputation,” according to Pitchfork. Nelson seeks $3.8 million in damages.

Now, Bridgers has declared a support of the motion to strike, writing, “I believe that the statements I made in my Instagram story are true. My statements were made based on my personal knowledge, including statements I personally heard Mr. Nelson make, as well as my own observations. I continue to believe the statements I made were true.”

Alongside her declaration, Bridgers’ team motioned to strike Nelson’s lawsuit. Her legal team filed an anti-SLAPP motion, claiming that the suit sought to suppress her First Amendment right to free speech.

“This case presents a straightforward application of the anti-SLAPP statute,” the motion reads. Bridgers’ representatives offers no further comments.

“I witnessed and can personally verify much of the abuse (grooming, stealing, violence) perpetuated by Chris Nelson, owner of a studio called Sound Space,” Bridgers wrote on Instagram in October 2020. “For anyone who knows [Nelson], is considering working with him, or wants to know more, there is an articulate and mind-blowing account on @emilybannon’s page as a highlight. TRIGGER WARNING for basically everything triggering.”

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