Phoenix Perform “Chloroform” In A High School Gym

Phoenix Hit Anderson High School For a Secret Performance

Late last year on October 7th, Phoenix played a super secret show to around 500 students in a Austin Texas high school gym. Their entire performance was filmed for the PBS special, Live From The Artists Den. The band was already in town for the Austin City Limits Festival and they had been toying with the idea of possibly doing a tour where the shows would only take place in high school gymnasiums.

This is what singer Thomas Mars had to say about the experience.

“We actually thought about doing a whole tour at some point of high school shows, so this was sort of a test to see if it could work. The first three or four songs, they were really intimidated because there was a camera and a teacher. But it ended up getting really chaotic – in a good way. They invaded the stage. Those girls had no boundaries! There’s no way we could do a [high school] tour. But I’m glad we did one show like that – and that it’s on tape.”

Even though we’re not going to get that exciting high school tour, you can pretend like you were at the show here.