Phoenix Share Album Details

'Ti Amo' coming this summer

Four years after the release of French indie-rockers Phoenix’s fifth studio album Bakrupt!, the band have detailed their forthcoming record Ti Amo

After 20 years together, the band “did a lot of experimenting,” singer Thomas Mars told the New York Times. The album is an upbeat collection of mid-tempo dance songs that guitarist Laurent Brancowitz describes as “summer and Italian discos.”

Phoenix have been working on Ti Amo for the past three years, using the top floor of an old opera house-turned tech incubator in the heart of Paris as their studio.

Despite Phoenix’s music being upbeat in nature, there is darkness embedded within the new material NYT reports, as they have been recording throughout an unstable time in Paris, with the rise of alt-right and recent terrorist attacks. Guitarist Christian Mazzalai was stuck in the studio on the night of the attacks on the Bataclan in Paris.

At some point when we were in the studio, there was a slight sense of guilt.” Said Mars. “But we were comforted by the idea that the four of us working wasn’t escapism or denial. When that became clear, the guilt disappeared.”

This weekend, Phoenix premiered three new songs at a show in Belgium, including the title track of the forthcoming record. Ti Amo is due out June 9th via Glassnote Records.