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Photo Blog: Nuit Blanche

By: Sarah Phillips

Nuit Blanche, it can be all about the route you take. We started in Queen West, which was relatively quiet this year, and made our way to city hall, through the financial district and then back west to go up University Avenue which was closed to Northbound traffic from Queen to College so we had the streets to ourselves (and millions of other pedestrians) to roam.

Sometimes, you want to start slowly and see some small exhibits before you get to the large installations and big crowds. And we did. So our first stop was the Drake Hotel which cloaked itself in this kaleidoscopic projection.


Once inside, we were treated to what seemed exactly like what was advertised. Demonstrations like this:


And this:


Don’t try this at home, kids.

To take things down to PG-13, our next stop was shadow puppets outside MOCCA.


There was lots of art in the making to be seen, like this amazing mural on the side of a building just east of Trinity Bellwoods park.


Oh, and the Leafs won!


My favourite part of the night was a dance party that was happening on one of islands on University just south of Queen. This guy was busting a move right above us.

The crowds at Queen and University were awesome.


City Hall was next for us. We stopped to see Ai Wei Wei’s Duchamp-inspired bicycle installation. The huge collection of bikes placed right on Rob Ford’s doorstep was fantastically ironic.


Are those 10,000 Pinkos?


These guys. Making their art right in front of City Hall.


Best moment of the night. This couple just got married at Arcadian Court at Bay and Queen and ran down for an amazing photo op.


We met this itchy fellow in an alley off of Bay Street, between Richmond and Adelaide.


And finally, we said goodnight to Nuit Blanche at our last stop, this awesome Jelly Fish Balloon birthday party.


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