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Photographer Captures Parallel Toronto Through Puddles

Your brain naturally flip the images that your eyes actually see, so in a way you’ve been looking at the world up-side down. Well, if you ever wondered what the world actually looks like right-side up, take a look at these photos of Toronto shot using a brilliant camera trick.

Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz is an Instagram photographer that has been traveling the world to take stunning photos of cities from a perspective many miss. While most photographers stay indoors on a rainy day, those are the days that Ruiz is most active. Using only his smartphone, Ruiz captures city skylines and archtichture, utilizing puddles as the horizon, capturing what he calls it’s “parallel world:”

Many people don’t like rain, but the puddles left behind can be more than magical. Every time I see a puddle I take out my smartphone and put my camera lens as close as I can to the water and capture its parallel world.

The resulting images will make you take a second look at the city around you. Check out some of his photos below:









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