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Photos From Nirvana’s First Ever Concert Are Revealed

Oh, teenage girls. Maggie Poukkula, the teenage daughter of Seattle musician Tony Poukkula, sent the internet into a frenzy after tweeting never before seen pics of Nirvana’s very first gig. Like, ever.

Tony Poukkula’s house was the site of the show in Raymond, Washington in March 1987, and last week, Maggie tweeted a photo strip of Kurt Cobain and her dad jamming together that legendary night. It looks like she had no idea how big a deal it was.

Tony and Kurt went to the high school, Maggie explained in later tweets, and they would occasionally play together. Rumour has it that Cobain and Krist Novoselic played early Nirvana tunes like “Downer” and “Hairspray Queen”, with three Led Zeppelin covers that had Tony Poukkula on giuitar.

The video above also features a rough recording of Nirvana performing “If You Must” during this same concert.

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