The Best Spots to View the Toronto Skyline

The best vantage points to capture Toronto's iconic skyline

The momentum of the Raptors has Toronto feeling very united right now and we thought, what better way to celebrate that then to admire beautiful photos of our city? While there are infinite views of Toronto from private rooftops or exclusive hotels, these views of the iconic skyline are accessible to all.

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Polson Pier

A definite favourite among photographers and Instagrammers alike, Polson Pier is located right across from Sound Academy (or as I still like to refer to it – The Docks). The optimal time to catch the best view is at sunrise when the skyline is illuminated.


From a Boat / Toronto Islands

Heading out into the water is the best way to get a direct perspective of the entire Toronto skyline. Don’t have access to a boat? Hop on the ferry and head to the Toronto Islands to get an urban view from some of the city’s best nature.


Riverdale Park

For one of Toronto’s best vistas, perch at the edge of Riverdale Park on Broadview Avenue. The greenery in the foreground provides a totally different perspective on the city.


The Gardiner Expressway

There’s something wild about watching the city tower above you as you cruise through the downtown core at 90km/h, although we may never experience this again until 2016. If you can see between the multiplying condos, the Gardiner is a very efficient to see some of Toronto’s most iconic buildings.


Leslie Street Spit

On the very east end of the city is the Leslie Street Spit / Tommy Thompson Park. Although the view of the skyline isn’t too different from the island, ‘the spit’ has some interesting vantage points to take it all in.