I have never really believed in days of advocacy. White Ribbon, pink ribbon, blue ribbon, rainbow ribbons – it was all too much for me. It’s not that I don’t believe in supporting these causes, but more that I believe that they should be acknowledged daily – all the time. I have a child with a rare disease, and tomorrow is Rare Disease Day. It’s a mouthful. How does this make me feel? Angry, sad, worried and scared…all the time. I was angry when a mother at my son’s Montessori school said only the freaks stay longer than grade one, fully knowing that she was referring to my son. I am sad when children back away from him, because he is large and has issues with social skills. I am worried and scared that nobody will ever love him the way I do. So like many of you that believe we are over ribboned to a point that you can’t remember what they stand for anymore, think of the mother that has the child with cancer, or the child who is transgendered, or a child like mine with a rare disease. There are so many of us with these ribbons to bear. I have learned from my ribbon that one day, we will all wear one, some way or another. Be kind. @josiedye

Did some filming @masseyhall today (and inside I’m LOSING IT being on that stage!) A few things of note: 1. There are holes in the ceiling of Massey Hall that at one time allowed you to watch a show through the attic 2. The original stained glass windows are being restored and will be reinstalled during the renovations 3. There will be an additional 2 venues part of Massey Hall when the renovations are done in 2020 4. If you’ve ever sat in the top balcony seating on wooden seats, those are originals from 1894! 5. Gordon Lightfoot has played over 166 shows at Massey Hall and will perform the last 2 shows in the space before renovations begin 6. The ghosts say hello! ~Lana

George Harrison would have been 75 today. Happy birthday George, and thank you. ~Lana _____________________________ #georgeharrison #thebeatles

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