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Photoshopped ‘Happy Hour Playset’ sets off social media firestorm

A Photoshopped image of a “Happy Hour Playset” set off a social media firestorm last week when many concerned parents mistook the mock Fisher-Price product for a real children’s toy.

While most observers recognized that it was a hoax, some vented their frustration over what was perceived as a toy that promoted toddlers drinking alcohol. The man behind the image, Instagram user adam.the.creator spoke to Mashable about his work and frenzy it ignited.

“My 21-month-old daughter gave me the idea while playing on her kitchen playset at our apartment,” Padilla told Mashable. I mentioned to my wife, Willow, that it would be hilarious if a major toy company created a bar set for toddlers.

“The next day I Photoshopped the package design and posted it on my Instagram with a caption that made it seem like it was an actual product…it really took off the next day when someone posted it on Facebook and Reddit.”

“Fisher-Price even issued a release that recognized the humor and assured parents that they are not involved in the parody,” he told Mashable. It’s refreshing to see a major brand so hip to culture that it took the joke in stride and reacted in a very human way … with reason, humour and intelligence. But overall it has been a lot of fun to see the story go national.”

There you have it…it was all a hoax. A very good one, at that.

Image via Adam The Creator/Instagram

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