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Pixies | Indie88 Black Box Sessions

After redefining alternative music in the late 80s, and essentially providing the template for 90s grunge, the Pixies called it quits in 1993 due to inner band turmoil. Meanwhile, it seemed almost every successful alt act of the 90s was borrowing from the Pixies, with Kurt Cobain outright confessing that he was “basically trying to rip off the Pixies” when he wrote Nirvana’s flagship single Smells Like Teen Spirit.

2019’s Beneath the Eyrie marked the band’s seventh studio album, and their third since reuniting from a lengthy hiatus and releasing new music in 2014. Recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios, a remote, converted church in upstate New York, the band took influenced from their Gothic surroundings while writing the new material. “I wanted to intermingle with the spirit world,” says frontman Black Francis. “With life and death and with the mystical and a more surreal landscape.”

Watch the band perform “Catfish Kate” and “In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain” from Beneath the Eyrie, plus the classic “Monkey Gone to Heaven” from their seminal 1989 album Doolittle.

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