Plants You Can Grow Indoors This Winter

For all of you green thumbs out there

Just because the weather is getting colder, and the trees are losing their leaves, doesn’t mean we don’t need a little bit of foliage to liven up our homes this winter. If you need some greenery to get you through the next few months, then check out our list of plants that you can grow indoors this winter.

Miniature Iris

Certain types of these colourful flowers bloom in the winter months, adding tons of liveliness to your indoor space. Keep these plants in a sunny spot in your home and make sure to water regularly.


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Orchids usually bloom for eight to ten weeks, in the winter and spring. So if you need a little bit of colour in your home in the cooler months, orchids are the perfect plant. It’s best to keep them near a window, as these flowers require as much sunlight as possible.


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If you prefer fresh, home-grown produce over heading to the grocery store, try planting spinach this winter. As a plant that doesn’t do well in heat, it’s best to keep it in a cooler spot in your house.


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This fresh herb is perfect to grow in your home this winter, because it prefers shade over sunlight. Keep it in a pot with moist soil, and you’ll have an endless supply of minty goodness.

Christmas Cactus

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Flowering in the winter, the Christmas Cactus is the perfect houseplant to brighten up the colder months. While this plant does best with a little bit of light, exposure to direct sunlight will damage its leaves.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an easy plant to keep in your house year-round. Keep it in your window with easy access to lots of light. Other than that, it’s a pretty low-maintenance plant that doesn’t need to be watered often.

Asparagus Fern

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This plant requires a little bit more effort when grown indoors, but if done right, it can sprout small flowers and berries. To keep an Asparagus Fern happy in the winter, make sure you mist it regularly to encourage humidity. The plant doesn’t require full sun, but indirect sunlight is required.

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