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Play The Okkervil River Adventure Game

About a month ago we posted about Okkervil River’s The Silver Gymnasium: The Game, the throwback adventure game promoting the band’s seventh album. The video game along with the interactive map, and various video projects were all pieces in The Silver Gymnasium narrative. A collaboration between frontman Will Sheff and Benjamin Miles from Eyes and Ears, the 8-bit style game plays on the album’s overarching theme of nostalgia. The goal of The Silver Gymnasium: The Game was to create a bigger experience than the 11-track album can give – a “side story” to the album.

“Everything from the game to the interactive map to some of the film stuff is all done with the goal of firing people’s imaginations and bringing them into an immersive world. I’ve always been really obsessed with mixing art forms to try and create something that’s really immersive, and curating people’s experience from the beginning to the end.” Sheff explains.

When we initially posted about the game back in August only the first episode was up, but now you can play through the entire three-part adventure. PLAY the game now.

Sheff and childhood friend Aaron Johnson also recently made a mini-documentary that talks about the bands they mimicked while growing up. Watch it below:

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