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Pleasure Craft share dark post-pop, three-act album ‘Walls, Mirrors and Windows’

Toronto’s Pleasure Craft has shared their dark debut post-pop album, Walls, Mirrors and Windows.

The concept album channels a gothic new-wave sound. Walls, Mirrors and Windows builds on the sounds and themes that vocalist Sam Lewis has been creating across two prior EPs over the last five years. It’s broken up into three acts, corresponding to the album’s title. Ultimately, the acts section off the album’s protagonist’s narrative arc.

“The three acts of this album correlate to a time of dramatic change in my life,” Lewis explains. “I wanted it to feel like a kind of impressionistic movie or play with an unsettling, open-ended resolution like, to be continued…”

Stream Walls, Mirrors and Windows below.

The album opens with act one, Walls. The dreamscape follows the nameless protagonist, who is “aggressive, defensive, and bristling with brittle confidence,” according to a press release.

The second act, Mirrors sees the character becoming more introspective beneath a psychedelic soundscape. On this section of Walls, Mirrors and Windows, the protagonist is “overcome by isolation and attempting to untie the stranglehold of suppression.”

The third and final act, Window, sees the protagonist emerging from rock bottom. Throughout this phase of the record, he finds genuine connection and hones in on his creative self-expression.

Ultimately, Walls, Mirrors and Windows weaves in and out of new wave, alt-pop, electronic, and indie rock sounds. With fuzzed out guitar riffs and industrial melodies, this subversive album is a must-listen.

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