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Plumber Saves Parakeets on the DVP, Names Them Don and Valley

Robert Plantic had quite the surprise driving down the Don Valley Parkway at Don Mills Road about a month ago, when just about ran over two parakeets trying to cross the street.

The little birds were in the middle of the highway, dodging traffic, until Plantic, a local plumber, saved the day.


“I pulled over. I just couldn’t let them stay there. They would have got hit by a car,” Plantic said in a video uploaded to YouTube.

The birds, now named Don and Valley, were green-cheeked parakeets- a small parrot native to the forests of South America. Luckily, Plantic saved the birds and took them to the vet for a check-up. According to the Animal Clinic, the birds had been clipped and tagged.


“From day one I wanted to adopt them so I kept calling to check if anyone had claimed the birds,” Plantic said. “Finally, the clinic called and told me that I could have them because the owners couldn’t be found.”

Plantic is now the taking great care of the parakeets, giving them a great new home at his workplace. But, if Don and Valley’s original owners are still looking for the pair, they can contact his plumbing office at 416-401-5632. Watch the heartwarming video below.

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