Polar Vortex could bring extreme cold and snow to Toronto this winter

Winter is Coming

Enjoy the spells of unseasonably warm November temperatures while you can, Torontonians. Winter is coming and the forecast is calling for bitterly cold conditions.

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is already calling for more snow and “major storms” than last year, while scientists predict the shifting polar vortex could lead to unusually cold days for early 2017.

The polar vortex, which Weather.com describes as “an area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere, primarily in the stratosphere, a layer of the atmosphere above which most of our sensible weather occurs (known as the troposphere),” was blamed for the frigid temperatures that descended on parts of North America in 2014. It’s weakened over the last decade as the result of Arctic sea-ice loss, causing unpredictable and extreme weather conditions on the continent.


Seal the windows, stock the firewood, and prepare the rations. Old man winter could hit sooner than later, with the Weather Network predicting a “major pattern reversal” for November. That’s…like…right now.

“While we expect temperatures to drop during November, there are signs that the decline will be more profound than usual for parts of the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec. During mid to late November, we expect a pattern change which will bring several rounds of below seasonal temperatures to this region,” Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham stated last week.

“Many of the long range models maintain mild temperatures for most of Canada right through the end of November. However, we are seeing numerous indications in the global weather pattern that point to this pattern change occurring during mid-November. For the Great Lakes region in particular, this could mean a rather quick transition from a mild fall to impactful winter weather.”

What’s your plan to combat the cold this winter?