Police Are Looking For A Stolen Van Carrying Over A Dozen Dogs

Van stolen at knife-point in Whitby


The dogs were recovered in Whitby Friday afternoon; all animals were accounted for and reported safe.

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Durham Region Police are looking for a stolen van that was carrying more than a dozen dogs in it.

According to the Police report, a dog walker was ambushed a man wielding a knife while she was driving in Whitby. At approximately 11:30 am around Garden Street and Manning Road the man entered her vehicle, and drove off with the van. Police say the van had somewhere between 13-15 dogs in it at the time.

The van is a white 2008 Chevy Uplander like the one pictured above, license plate number is AR91056.

Police are urging anyone who sees the van to keep a distance and call 9-1-1. The man is believed to be armed and dangerous.