Ontario police are using public transit to catch distracted drivers

Distracted Drivers Be Warned

As Ontario drivers who neglect the distracted driving laws have become more weary about cruisers on the road, police have had to find new ways to crack down on offenders.

In this video, produced by the National Post, you can see a new tactic some forces are using. This video shows Sergeant Mark Von Wolde riding public transit and looking out the window for distracted drivers. Drivers aren’t warned of police presence by spotting an officer’s cruiser, and are therefore more likely to break the law when they think they aren’t being watched.

The penalty for distracted driving is a whopping $490 if settled out of court, and an immediate application of three demerit points to your record. If you choose to fight the ticket or receive a summons that fine could go all the way up to $1000. Penalty aside, it’s just a stupid idea to text and drive. For more details check Distracted Driving FAQ.

Image via YouTube/National Post