Police Release Footage of Arsonist Lighting Porsche on Fire

Police looking for man in dark clothes and white sedan

Toronto Police are looking for an man wanted in an arson investigation that occured over the holidays.

Security footage captured from the homeowner of a white Porche SUV in St. Clair Avenue and O’Connor Drive neighbourhood was released to help capture the man involved. In the video, a man can be seen running up to the car from the street, pouring gasoline through the window and igniting the car. The video was taken on December 29th around 5 a.m.

The man fled the scene in a white four door sedan and was dressed in dark clothing. Police presume the man suffered wounds to his hands or face during the incident, upon ignition the flames can be seen exploding outwards smashing glass into the man.

Police are asking for anyone with information about the crime to contact 416-808-5500 or call Crime Stoppers.