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What’s Cooler? Millennium Falcon VS. Starship Enterprise

Famed scienceman Neil deGrasse Tyson recently answered a fan question asking whether he would choose the prestigious Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, or the “bucket of bolts” Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Being the learned man he is, Tyson chose the Enterprise for its more realistic depiction (including a proper crew with real scientists and engineers), and for being the first ever spaceship represented in storytelling that was designed for the sole purpose of exploration. “Plus, in a battle, the Enterprise would just wipe it’s ass with the Millennium Falcon”, Dr. Tyson added.

But the Falcon also evaded destruction from a big scary Imperial Star Destroyer just by relying on some cunning tactics. So, as we learned from the pre-spaceship story of David vs. Goliath, you can never rule out the underdog. Also, the Falcon is said to be “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy”, so presumably it could just run away from the big clunky Enterprise.

But here’s the real question: Which ship is actually cooler? I mean, would you want to drive an ugly minivan, or a 1970 Chevy Nova? Please vote, for science.

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The Enterprise does have the benefit being able to use this incredible theme song at least.

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