Poll: Should Cyclists Be Allowed to Ride Through Stop Signs?

Some are arguing for changes to allow cyclists to roll through stop signs when safe to do so

Main image by Canned Muffins via Flickr

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This past Monday, Toronto kicked off its official Bike Month with the annual Bike-To-Work Day. With cycling in the spotlight, many have been discussing the sometimes controversial topic of how cyclists should treat stop signs. By the letter of the law, cyclists are required to come to a full stop at any stop sign – just as a motorist would. In practice however, many cyclists instead opt to treat stop signs as yields, performing what’s called an “Idaho stop” (named after the state of Idaho in which this practice is legal). The rule does not mean cyclists can simply blow through any stop signs they come across; if there are other vehicles at the intersection with the right-of-way, the cyclist must stop to allow them through. The video from the Toronto Star below demonstrates the difference in techniques:

What do you think? Should cyclists always be required to come to a full stop?