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POLL: Should the LCBO Sell Weed When It’s Legal?

Talk about a one stop shop.

In a statement at Queens Park Monday (December 14th), Premier Kathleen Wynne stated that she believes the most appropriate weed merchants should be the LCBO once it becomes legal. That would mean marijuana would be sold alongside beer, wine, and spirits. As if you didn’t have enough choices to make on a Saturday night.

“It makes sense to me that the liquor distribution mechanism that we have in place at LCBO is very well-suited to putting in place the social responsibility aspects that would need to be in place,” Wynne explained.

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Surprisingly this news comes at an awkward time, as the announcement that beer is now available in some grocery stores was made today. Though the LCBO is an unsurprisingly good candidate for the sale of marijuana, considering their product training, as well training on screening for minors and the intoxicated.

As Warren Thomas, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union president said “[the LCBO] has a solid track record of responsibly selling alcohol and would bring the same service standard to marijuana.”

What do you think, should weed be sold in LCBO stores, or held for smaller merchants like cigarettes? Take the poll above.

Main image courtesy booledozer via Flickr

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