POLL: Should Vaping be Treated the same as Smoking in Toronto?

New laws treat e-cigarettes, medical marijuana and tobacco cigarettes the same

The Ontario Government made a major turnaround Thursday, announcing new laws treating vaping and smoking medical marijuana use in public the same as cigarettes, according to The Toronto Star.

This would mean vaping e-cigarettes and/or smoking medical marijuana will be banned on restaurant and bar patios, hospital grounds, stadiums, schoolyards, common areas, and playgrounds.

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In a press release Thursday, Premiere Kathleen Wynne said:

“We have made a determination that smoking, whatever it is whether it’s vaping, whether it’s medical marijuana, whether it’s cigarettes – that there should be restrictions on that, and so the rules will apply to marijuana, to medical marijuana, to vaping as they do to cigarettes.”

These laws were planned to take effect January 1st initially, but the government was forced to reassess after it was realized the laws would preventing medical marijuana users from medicating in public spaces. The new rules will be posted for consultation for the next 45 days, and may take into effect July 1st.

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(Main image courtesy Vaping360.com via Flickr)