Popular Toronto Italian restaurant Sugo pulls delivery service from Uber Eats

'Our core values, community, and culture do not align with their business'

Well, that didn’t last long.

Bloordale Village Italian eatery Sugo initially ceased regular operations at the onset of COVID-19 public restrictions to focus on making meals for some of Toronto’s health care workers and people in need. The restaurant shifted focus to delivery via Uber Eats a couple of weeks ago, but it appears Sugo will not be working with the delivery platform anymore.

On Tuesday, a message posted to Sugo’s Instagram stated “we can no longer in good conscience stay open on Uber.” Check out the complete statement below.

“Already it was a system I wasn’t in love with,” Sugo owner Conor Joerin told Blog TO.

“We’re a bunch of sensitive people over here,” Joerin said with regards to negative reviews the restaurant received via Uber. “I want to cook for the city I love, the people I love.”

Blog TO also cited commission rates and a hate speech incident between an Uber driver and a Sugo employee as reasons why the restaurant was shifting its business out of Uber Eats.

Image via Facebook/sugotoronto