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Porridge Radio cover The Shins’ ‘New Slang’

Porridge Radio have shared a cover of The Shins’ indie rock classic, “New Slang.”

Just last month, Porridge Radio covered Love Of Everything’s “Happy In A Crowd.” Now, The Brighton band put their own twist on the Oh, Inverted World track. The soft take leans into the dreamiest parts of the track, morphing it into a shoegaze anthem. The bedroom pop cover truly lets Porridge Radio’s signature style shine.

Their cover of “New Slang” is the B-side to the band’s forthcoming release on Sup Pop’s subscription-based Singles Club. On the other side of the 7-inch will be their cover of Wolf Parade’s “You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son.”

Listen to Porridge Radio’s cover of “New Slang” and check out the original tune below.

“Sub Pop are a label I’ve loved for a long time,” Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolin explains. “And when they asked if we wanted to release some songs with them this summer, I looked through their back catalog and chose two songs to cover that had a big impact on me as a teenager.”

The forthcoming 7-inch is out on August 9th. Subscribe to Sup Pop’s Singles Club here.

Porridge Radio’s cover of “Happy in a Crowd” is also a must-listen. The gloomy new rendition is pretty unique. It comes packed with silky shoegaze vocals atop a deeper trap beat. Ultimately, it makes for a perfectly peculiar blend of genres. Margolin came across Love of Everything when her old band Garden Centre was an opener for them, and the track really stuck with her.

Revisit that cover below.

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