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Porsh Bet$ explores intense emotions on debut EP ‘I Used To Think Forever’

21-year-old Harlem artist Porsh Bet$ has shared his debut EP, I Used To Think Forever.

The 6-track collection sees Porsh Bet$ at his most determined, chasing his destiny. Overall, the EP explores some pretty intense emotions that the artist felt while in the thick of recording. It’s all about how joy, sadness, success, and failure, can all feel endless.

“It’s influenced by my personal growing pains and journey to becoming more myself and open to expressing myself in different ways,” he explains of the EP.

Stream I Used To Think Forever below.

Bet$ was in college for two months before he dropped out to begin writing music. When his first song he put up on Soundcloud hit 100 plays, he felt driven to work even harder. A high school friend sent the track to her uncle, KoOoLkOjAk.

“Everything happens at the right time,” Porsh Bet$ explains of the experience. “It’s important to meet that energy halfway.”

He then made his way to Los Angeles, couch surfing for a year as he worked on the EP with KoOoLkOjAk.

The EP opens strikingly with “Peanut Butter,” which is a buttery alt-R&B single. The track is all about finding an understanding about things you want but cannot have.

“I’m allergic to peanut butter I really shouldn’t be near it, but it sucks because everyone else loves it,” Porsh Bet$ adds. “It looks good, but once I get too close, I get nauseous. I think of it like this – sometimes being left out is a good thing.”

Lead photo courtesy of Jonah Slaghekke.

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