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Portugal. The Man Release Video for ‘Feel It Still’

Portugal. The Man have released a video for ‘Feel it Still’, and they created an interactive component where the audience is able to find items throughout the video designed to help #theresistance movement.

As you go through the music video, clues will pop up that the viewer can click that are added to your “tools for resistance” kit. There are 30 in total, which countdown as you click through the Easter Eggs throughout the video.

When the viewer clicks on their toolkit after collecting a few hidden Easter Eggs, they each perform different functions from donating to important causes, reading about global warming and information on how to contact your representatives in Congress.

With their upcoming album Gloomin + Doomin to be released soon, the band are also going on an American tour starting on March 9th.

Check out the video below! If you want to check out the interactive video click here!

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