Post Malone’s Failed Stage Dive Leaves Him Feeling Like Jack Black

He continued his performance of "Rockstar" from the floor

Even the best of us fall down sometimes, including Post Malone. This past Sunday, the hip-hop artist was performing his song “Rockstar” and faithfully leapt from the stage, hoping to be caught by his fans.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things went down. Not a single audience member attempted to catch him, sending Post Malone directly to the ground. Though it may have literally brought him down, Post kept his head up, continuing to perform the song from the comfort of the floor.

Several people at the show captured this moment and have been sharing it all across social media.

The best part of it all is that Post Malone has been such a good sport about it all. After the show that night he Tweeted about the fall, and seemed to think the whole thing was pretty funny, comparing himself to Jack Black in School of Rock.

It’s good to see that he can laugh off what could have been a pretty embarrassing, and even dangerous situation.