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Post-Modern Connection sing of self discovery on new single ‘Folie a Deux’

Indie outfit Post-Modern Connection have shared a video for their new single “Folie a Deux.”

The new single sees the band juxtaposing melancholic lyrics with a playful indie sound. Throughout “Folie a Deux,” Post-Modern Connection sing about the convoluted experience of self-discovery. The accompanying David Vassiliev-directed video is equally playful, packed with film shots of the band on adventures. The clip sees Post-Modern Connection heading to a beach and through the forest in a style that rivals the likes of Wes Anderson.

“The song is about trying to reflect and question yourself but leaving the dialogue confused and muddled,” Post-Modern Connection explain. “There is no real conclusion, it’s more about describing how convoluted the experience of self discovery can be.”

Watch the video for “Folie a Deux” below.

“The video was directed and shot by David Vassiliev, a good friend of ours,” PMC add. “We had a low budget so we made do with what we could get. Value Village and Dollarama props and outfits. We shot at a park in Vernon that also had a paragliding jump point, which had an incredible view. The vision was really all David’s. He came up with the shots. He helped us get into character and discovered the location. He took inspiration from Wes Anderson movies. One scene in particular is a direct reference. During the beach scene, we ended up getting some local teens in the video. This one kid wanted us to capture his backflip so we did and added to the video.”

Post-Modern Connection draw inspiration from their diverse background. Lead singer and guitarist Tega is from Nigeria, and lead guitarist Georges is from Lebanon. Their bassist Steven is from Taiwan and their drummer Cam and synth player/violinist Mitch are from Canada. The members of PMC draw from their unique experiences to create some genre-bending, emotionally charged tunes. They also draw inspiration from artists like King Krule, The Strokes, Alabama Shakes, and more.

The tracks of Post-Modern Connection are a delicate blend of indie-pop riffs and soulful R&B infused vocals.

They’re ready to defy the norms with their eclectic sound. With a varied soundscape, PMC are ready to keep you on your toes as you try to anticipate what’s next for the bands.

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