Poutini’s Re-Opens After Employees Walked Out

Owners posted a letter to their Facebook page

This past weekend, on August 18th, employees at Poutini’s House of Poutine staged a walk-out, citing unsafe work conditions. A note was posted to the front of the door that was directed at the owners, asking for a staff meeting to discuss the issues.

On a whiteboard inside the popular poutine restaurant, staff listed things such as proper safety equipment, better pay and being understaffed as things they wanted fixed.

On Monday, the owners Fred and Nick Laliberte posted to their Facebook saying the issues had been resolved. “Together, we discussed a path forward and are happy to announce an amicable resolution to the walkout,” their note reads.

Employees will be keeping their jobs and the owners will be working to fix all their issues at the workplace.

Photo from Poutini’s Facebook.