Practice Makes Perfect: 3 Bands Who Wrote 50+ Songs For One Album

That's a lot of lyrics.

When The Black Keys go into the studio to write and record, they make only as many songs as appear on their next album, with the exception of a couple that didn’t work out. These bands are the complete opposite. Here are three bands that wrote over 50 songs for one album.

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon rented out a lodge in Kentucky and lived there for six weeks while they wrote Talking is Hard. They say they wrote 60 songs, narrowed it down to 25 that they all felt strongly about, and then shaped those into the 12 that made the album. “Shut Up and Dance” was one of the final songs they wrote.

Tokyo Police Club

It took Tokyo Police Club four years between albums and that’s because they kept writing, re-writing and working towards a new sound. In the end they wrote 50 songs for Forcefield that would be whittled down and shaped into the nine that made the final cut.

Brave Shores

Brave Shores got a record deal of sorts when they only had three songs to their name. They then spent months writing, they say, probably 60 more songs. From there, they trimmed it down to only six.