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Praise Google: Gmail Introduces The Undo Send Feature

And then, Gmail saved us from embarrassing typos in professional e-mails. THANK YOU, Undo Send feature.

Google has been testing this feature for years, which delays sending your email for a few seconds (5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds, depending on your settings) after you fatefully click Send. Forgot to add an attachment? Sent the message for your mom to your boss? No problem.

Undo Send spent six years in the limbo of public beta (launched in 2009), but Google announced in a blog post this week that it’s now an official setting. Users who already have the beta enabled are already set, but if you didn’t, you can turn it on in the General tab of Settings.

But, unfortunately, Undo Send isn’t currently available on mobile, so send your tricky e-mails on a real computer. Google says, though, they plan to make the feature mobile-friendly too – they just didn’t say when.

So, for now, only your computer can save you.

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