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Praises share video for brooding new single ‘Life is Just a Picture’

Helmed by Toronto artist Jesse Crowe, Praises have shared a video for their new single “Life is Just a Picture.”

The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album, In This Year: Hierophant, out June 17th via Hand Drawn Dracula. “Life is Just a Picture” is a brooding new single packed with haunting synths and ominous vocal lines. The accompanying video comes packed with retro video clips that are given an eerie tinge with the music layered over top.

“Eventually we all live on in smudged still images on phones or in frames,” Crowe explains of the track. “This song breathes both the sorrow and joy of a lifetime of memories. Written in dedication to the intermingling stories of Grandma Upton and Granny Crowe.”

Watch the video for “Life is Just a Picture” below.

On In This Year: Hierophant, Crowe works with their longtime collaborator Josh Korody on the mix and Heather Kirby on the mastering. Every year, Crowe draws a tarot card to represent what is to come, and this year was Hierophant.

“This record dances like a storybook, flirting with vignettes of hidden gender, through the birth of a child, a poisonous new world, matriarchal death, and transcendent love,” Crowe explains. “A graduation beyond a solo project.”

The album sees Praises solidifying their unique sound. Boasting enchanting vocals, layers of synths, and stunning arrangements, this album is sure to make waves upon its release. Thematically, the record explores “themes of human reckoning and hope,” according to a release.

In addition to “Life is Just a Picture,” In This Year: Hierophant features the previously released “March.”

Check out the tracklist for In This Year: Hierophant below or pre-order it here.

In This Year: Hierophant Tracklist:

01 – “My Condolences”
02 – “Peace of Mind”
03 – “The Dancer”
04 – “Life is Just a Picture”
05 – “Our Father”
06 – “I Get Lost”
07 – “Persona”
08 – “March”
09 – “Flying”

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