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Predict Your Future: Toronto’s Most Notable Psychics

Have you ever wanted to visit a psychic? Are you a believer in the occult and all things spiritual?

Many people are skeptics, claiming that psychics are only in business to scam people of their money. And we’re not telling you what to believe, we’re just giving you a short list of psychics that will give you the full experience, believer or not.

From tarot cards to crystals balls, the psychic world can be lots of fun. Check it out and let us know if you’ve ever seen a psychic, or are wanting to!

Helena Joy
Helena Joy is a great option if you’ve never been to a psychic before. She is very gentle and will explain every card in the spread, how they relate to one another and what’s in store for you. She’s incredibly calming to listen to and is worth a visit. She has a special rate for students and her clients walk away with a CD recording of their session. Contact her at 416-966-0716 or helenajoy07@hotmail.com


Offering up the best bang for your buck, Giovanna offers up three healing services for a fix price. Located in the heart of downtown, getting to her studio is easy and you get a choice of 3 – palm reading, tarot cards, crystal ball reading, or a psychic reading – all for $80. Not a bad price for three different readings.

Tara Greene
Specializing in group parties and over the phone, Tara Greene works mainly with the Tarot as a way to connect her clients to finding an indepth way to assist them on their life path. Tara works with you in interpreting the tarot cards and understanding their connection to your current path. So grab the gang and give Tara a call, she’ll let you know if you’re meant to be friends forever.


If you’ve turned believer and now are starting to feel psychic yourself, you can always give it a try. Grab yourself some candles, some dried sage, and maybe a couple crystals to keep you protected from negative energies. Dim the lights, and shuffle your tarot cards and you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming your own psychic. Just make sure to keep an open mind.

The Occult Shop
Your first step in becoming your own psychic should be to visit the Occult Shop on Bathurst (but you’re psychic and you already knew we were going to say that). Their large collection of candles, incense, oils, herbs and books on the occult, make The Occult Shop a stand out for the budding psychic. The Occult Shop is also great for readings as the staff have many years combined spiritual healing and psychic abilities and will help you shape your life path.


Seekers Books
If you’re totally spooked by the idea of visiting a psychic, it can help to do a bit of reading on the topic. Seekers Bookstore has one of the best occult book selections. It’s not massive but it covers a variety of topics, from dream interpretations to palmistry and tarot cards. It’s tucked away on a corner of Borden and Bloor, and you may have to look to find it, but once you do, it’s almost a guarantee that you will find something to start you on your path of uncovering your future.

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