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Predjama Mountainside Castle Is A 700-Year-Old Marvel

The Predjama Mountainside Castle In A Cave Is A Medieval Marvel Of Architecture

Well known as one of Europe’s most dramatic castles, Predjama Mountainside Castle is a stunning display of Renaissance architecture.

It’s also a marvel of defensive strategy in that it’s built right into the walls of a cliff. Because of this, it appears to be an impenetrable fortress even in its beauty.

Located 9km from Postojna in Slovenia, the Predjama Castle looks like it simply can’t be beat.

When Was Predjama Castle Built?

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This mountainside castle was started in 1202. However, it was built in intermittent stages over the years. Most of what you can see today is from the 16th century.

How Was It Built Into The Cave System?

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The cave that’s directly below the castle is part of the 14 km long Predjama cave system.

The goal was initially to make the castle difficult to access. They built it under a natural rock arch high inside the stone wall.

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As far as the cave system goes, the Predjama Mountainside Castle had an extended vertical natural cave that lead from the original castle to the exit at the top.

They then used the cave to supply food and supplies to the castle during seige.

The whole castle is essentially built into the cave system underneath. The second longest cave in Slovenia, it’s 14 km long, which the section that’s open to tourists 700 m long.

The cave also has a secret tunnel which leads to the outside. This is where you’ll find a unique colony of bats, which are also the reason for the caves being closed in the winter.

A Brief History Of The World’s Largest Cave Castle

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If you can make it to the site of this incredible mountainside castle, you’ll get the option for a full audio tour detailing all the highlights of the site.

You can see all the defence mechanisms, a dank dungeon, and a 16th century chest full of treasure that was found in 1991. You’ll even get to see the hiding place for the man whose family built a lot of the castle, Erazem Lueger.

Lueger was a 15th-century robber-baron who was a lot like Robin Hood. He used to steal from the rich and give to the poor. He was a robber, so officials wanted to kill him.

During the wars between the Hungarians and the Austrians, Lueger hid out in the castle. Because of this, he needed access to the outside to continue his work.

He was able to get in and out through the caves, and it ended up being the way he was able to feed his people and also survive himself.

The Unfortunate Ending Of Erazem Lueger

Sadly, one of his staff betrayed Erazem Lueger. They gave the enemy parked outside the castle an indication when he was in the outhouse. One well-placed cannon was the end of Erazem Lueger.

How To Visit Predjama Mountainside Castle

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You can go check it out from May to September. It’s closed for the winter so nobody disturbs the colony of bats that live there during hibernation.

Check out this link for directions to this beautiful castle!

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