Prepare to have Your Mind Numbed by this Train Track Illusion


BBC trainer and dad Marc Settle was doing what (I can only assume) consumes most parent’s free time: cleaning up after his kid. While packing away his son’s train tracks, Settle stumbled upon a brain-numbing optical illusion:

Mashable emailed Settle to find out more:

“I was tidying up my son’s train track… again, as I do every evening, but this time, I stacked one piece on another (rather than just flinging them all in a box) and lined them up exactly. I then (for some reason, no idea why) took the top one off again and placed it on the table below the other one and *blam* — then I saw it.

I did it again and again, for my own curiosity; but each time the piece was placed on top of the other one, it was the same size *precisely* but bigger when it was placed underneath the other one… which fried my brain.”

Why, you ask? Settle got to the bottom of it:

Mind = numb.

(Photo by woodleywonderworks via flickr)