Toronto Police Banned from Participating in Pride Parade

Pride Accepts Black Lives Matter's Demands to Ban Police from future parades

Toronto Pride voted Tuesday evening to ban Toronto police from participating in any future floats and parades during their annual general meeting.

The vote was added to the agenda to meet the demands of Black Lives Matter protesters, also including to agree to hiring more people from vulnerable communities and produce funding for minority-based events.

“The police should not have floats in the Pride Parade. That was the demand that was agreed to,” said Pride co-chair Aaron GlynWilliams. “The demands have shifted somewhat and went away from reviewing the role of Toronto police to a request to an outright ban.”

BLM halted the 2016 Pride Parade to list their demands, leading Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois to agree to the terms on the spot. He promptly rescinded his agreement to the demands days following the parade, angering BLM supporters. Pride later apologized to the Black community for their history of “anti-blackness.”

The focus of Pride’s general meeting Wednesday was to elect five new board members and fianances, BLM’s demands were added as an additional vote.