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Principal Resigns After Student Journalist Investigation Questions Credentials

After a group of high school journalists from Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas published an article in their student newspaper questioning their new principal’s credentials, she quickly resigned.

Amy Robertson, who had recently been hired on as the principal on March 6, quit her job last week after student journalists at the Booster Redux found her education degrees lacked legitimacy.

After some research and investigating, the students found that Corllins University, a private university where Robertson had said she got her master’s and doctorate degrees, was not an accredited university and that their website did not work.

During an emergency meeting after the students’ discoveries, Robertson was unable to produce a transcript that confirmed her undergraduate degree from the University of Tulsa. She later resigned from her position as principal.

In an interview with Washington Post one of the students, Connor Balthazor, stated “We’d broken out of our comfort zones so much. To know that the administration saw that and respected that, it was a really great moment for us.”

You can check out the article from the Booster Redux here

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