Print is back from the dead! E-books? Not so much.

Tangible is better.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of an old book –there’s also something incredibly satisfying about cracking the spine of a new paperback for the first time. Books are portable, they’re light, you can lend them to a friend, you can scribble notes in them, you can drop them in a puddle accidentally and spend an hour blowdrying it to crimped imperfection.

You know what you can’t do all of those things with? An E-book. Perhaps a realization that many avid readers have come to, as according to the NY Times, e-books aren’t doing so hot right now. It’s no secret that the information age came around and digitized everything. It seemed inevitable that books would follow suit with music and movies – it’s cheaper and easier for consumers to buy or steal music and movies online than to purchase them legitimately. What wasn’t expected was the increase of consumers returning to physical novels after five years.


The Association of American Publishers showed that e-book sales dropped 10% in the first five months of this year. According to Forester Research, the amount of people who use e-books to read fell to 32% in 2015, from a whopping 50% three years ago.

Was it increased e-book sales? Perhaps readers liked the simplicity of print. Wrapping up a limited edition copy of your pal’s favourite book + your illegible sprawl wishing them “Happy birthday” in the front cover certainly has appeal that an e-book never could. Who know! But print isn’t going anywhere.

(Photo by Kelly Samuel)