Prism Prize Top Ten Videos Announced

Who will take home the 2nd annual Prism Prize, awarding the best Canadian music video

Last year Rich Aucoin took home the inaugural Prism Prize, an award recognizing the best Canadian music video of the year voted by a national jury of music journalist, filmmakers, and other media professionals.

The shortlist of 10 nominees for the 2014 Prism Prize was just announced:

Arcade Fire – “Reflektor” (Director: Anton Corbijn)
Young Galaxy – “New Summer” (Director: Ivan Grbovic)
Arcade Fire – “Afterlife” (Director: Emily Kai Bock)
Majical Cloudz – “Childhood’s End” (Director: Emily Kai Bock)
Shad – “Fam Jam” (Director: Che Kothari)
Keys N Krates – “Dum Dee Dum” (Director: Amos LeBlanc)
The Belle Game – “River” (Director: Kheaven Lewandowski)
Hollerado – “So It Goes (Director: Marc Ricciardelli)
Jessy Lanza – “Kathy Lee” (Director: Lee Skinner)
Drake – “Started From The Bottom” (Director: X)

The winner will be awarded at the reception March 23rd with a prize of $5000. There is also an Audience Choice Award, the Prism Prize Special Achievement Award for “artistic achievements and exceptional contribution to music video art on a world stage”, and the Arthur Lipsett Award for “innovative and unique approaches to music video art.”

You can check out the top ten videos below, and make your opinion count by voting for the Audience Choice Award on the Prism Prize website.