Prozzäk Is Coming Back For A Reunion Show

Cartoon Band announces reunion show at Atomic Lollipop for this summer

A couple months ago when The Morning After had James Bryan — better known as “Milo” from the animated cartoon band Prozzäk, on for Throwback Thursday, they asked if there would be a reunion any time soon. While at the time the answer was “no”, it looks like that has changed.

Yesterday morning, the convention/carnival/music festival/MASSIVE PARTY Atomic Lollipop took to their Twitter and Facebook to announce that they’d be hosting Prozzäk live in concert this summer for a reunion show. The venue inside the Ontario Science Centre will be hosting everybody’s favourite 90s pop-duo on July 18th.

This announcement leads to the inevitable question: is this a one-off, or part of a larger reunion — and perhaps another album? Either way it’s true, we will www.nevergotoverthem.