Public Vote For Royal Navy Ship To Be Named ‘Boaty McBoatFace’

The name received the most votes in the poll so far.

The Natural Environment Council (NERC) in the UK are looking for the public to come up with a catchy name for their new polar research ship. The ship will allow scientists to carry out research safely in both the Arctic and Antartica. The ship is worth 200 million Pounds.


So far the public has come up with some pretty interesting ideas for the ship name. Some of the names include: RRS Sea Dragon, RRS Kanye West For President, RRS Netflix and Endure Sub-Zero, and RRS Chilly Business.

But of the witty suggestions, the “most loved overall” name so far is RRS BOATY MCBOATFACE. Out of 3880 entries, Boaty McBoat Face is leading the pack. Nice.

Below every name entry the user must include a description as to why the name would be right for the £200m ship. RRS Boaty McBoat Face’s description reads: “It’s an absolutely brilliant name.”


In the case the NERC gets worried, the second “most loved” entry is RRS Henry Worsley, named after “the polar explorer who died in his solo attempt to cross Antarctica” who “showed British pioneering spirit, grit and determination.”

Are you team RRS BOATY MCBOAT FACE or team RRS HENRY WORSLEY? Let us know in the comments below.

You can view all of the name entries here.

Main Photo via Name Our Ship