You Can Punch Martin Shkreli in the Face…for Charity

A cause we can rally behind

Pharmaceutical executive, CEO and human trash bag, Martin Shkreli is offering a chance to his (many) haters to punch him in the face, for a good cause.

Shkreli recently tweeted that he would accept bids on Twitter to take a punch or slap in the face to raise funds for his recently-deceased friend’s son, who is recovering from cancer.

As you may remember, Martin Shkreli’s was given the name “the most hated man in America” as the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, when he rose the cost of a pill used to treat AIDS-related and AIDS-unrelated toxoplasmosis from $13.50 to $750 US.

So far the highest bidders are $78,000 and $25,500 US.

Obviously this opportunity is pretty appealing to many.

Alternatively, you can bid to have dinner with “Pharma-bro” for roughly $1000 US, which seems strange because who would want to eat dinner with the devil? Maybe it would make for interesting conversation.

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